Newborn Photography.

What a special time this is for you and your family! Babies grow and change so incredibly fast, I want to help you savor that sweet innocence and fresh newness. All that flaky skin, those tiny toes and fingers and how their tiny little head fits in the palm of your hands.

Your newborn session can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. We often need to stop for clean ups, cuddles and feedings. That is OK! There is no rush, we are on the baby’s schedule now.

I try to schedule my newborn sessions for 10 days old or newer. This is generally when baby is most sleepy and easiest to work with (there are exceptions to this rule). Does this mean I won’t do a newborn session for a baby older then 10 days old? NO, it does not! That is just what I aim for. However, I know that sometimes that is just not possible. Baby may have been in the NICU or there are a variety of other reasons that may prevent this 10 day time frame. Perhaps you just found my site! So please don’t let the 10 day time frame keep you from calling me to schedule your session.


Be prepared for ACCIDENTS! They happen and usually when you least expect them. Please don’t let this embarrass you. I have been pee’d on, pooped on and spit up on before. Your baby is not the first and won’t be the last to get me. It comes with the job, lol! You may want to have a change of clothes for yourself handy as well as some baby wipes and bath towels for quick clean ups. Some extra receiving blankets will also come in handy for wrapping baby between sets.

If there are any special items such as: a teddy bear, bracelet, christening gown, hat, headband, hair bows, or a blanket maybe Great Grandma or Grandma made, or even a uniform jacket or helmet, (firefighters, military, etc.) that you would like in some photos please have it/them handy. I also have many props I will bring as well. Wedding rings make a great prop on baby’s tiny toes if you wish to have them clean and handy.


Make sure your nails are manicured or at least clean cut since your hands will again be in many of these photos. I also ask that you not wear any necklaces, watches or long earnings since they may distract from the photos with baby. This goes for Dad too.

Rest assured that I am a Mom myself and have photographed many, many babies and I always take the utmost care with your baby’s safety and comfort always in mind. Safety is always #1~

Please try to arrive promptly for your studio time but it’s ok if you are running late.  As I do not book any other sessions when I have a newborn shoot I dedicate a whole day for the shoot.  I would also like if you wait until you get here to feed baby so that he/she will have a nice full tummy to start. Babies are generally happiest when full and warm.


Although I would prefer to have you come to me to my studio it is also possible for me to come to you if you feel it would be difficult for you especially after a C section. However the use of props and backdrops used is limited to what you have in your own home.

Now let’s have some fun and capture some beautiful memories of you and your family!